как думаете я номер првильно угадал)?
Может кто что посоветует ?)
sss more than 10 years give nothing to do
you can extract nand and install on smi 3281
Такая же ситуация.
USB-накопитель Kingston DataTraveler Exodia 128G, находится в режиме только-чтение.
ChipGenius выдают такую же информацию, как и в комментарии выше.
usbflashinfo пишет, что «Controller: SSS 6131»
Чем вылечить пока не нашёл.
Please do a screenshot with settings for 2 NAND and 128 Gb capacity
Description: [D:]Çàïîìèíàþùåå óñòðîéñòâî äëÿ USB(Kingston DataTraveler 3.0)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.10 < — Hint: This device can run faster when plugged to a USB3.0 port
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 300mA

USB Device ID: VID = 0951 PID = 1666
Serial Number: E0D55E696FA2F661B88A0181

Device Vendor: Kingston
Device Name: DataTraveler 3.0
Device Revision: 0001

Manufacturer: Kingston
Product Model: DataTraveler 3.0

Controller Part-Number: Unknown
some user able to mp chipbank
plase visit and see how to firmware it
good luck
this flash is fake
real capacity is 8gb
you can fix 8 gigabyte
use CBM209X_UMPToolV7000(2016-04-05) fullscan 2 ecc 8
if mptool cant detetect connect 29*+30 pin nand for 30 second

fullscan=3 ecc=8
adde94eb =real 8gb
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I inserted windows 10 installation iso on on my usb stick Silicon Power 16gb using linux ubuntu 20.04 using gparted and woeUSB-ng. When i booted the usb and started the installation of the windows it did not see the drives where to install the windows so i had to cancel the installation. I booted ubuntu, downloaded intel rapid storage technology for my dell vostro 3520 laptop from the official dell website, then extracted the files and inserted them into the bootable usb alongside other files. I booted usb stick, started the windows installation, installed the drivers and I could see the drives but i could not select the to install the windows. So i knew i had to wipe all the data from bios and then bootusb stick and i canceled the installation. It is possible that i took the usb stick out before the laptop turn off or not i do not remember but after opening bios the usb was not showing anymore. Then i could not open it nor in ubuntu nor in windows to format and start again. It was showing just usb mass storage with 0 media. I disabled the usb stick, and found that the controller name is alcor micro au6989SNES-GTD DJ1088-2 192538C1. After search firmware for this controller i found the following software https flashboot ru/files/file/683/download/ i downloaded it and after executing the application it detected the the stick as mass storage then i just pressed start and waited just 1 house and 18 minutes xD but it eventually revived it. Now everything works.
your nand is MT29F8T08EWHAFJ6-3T:A /8= 1 nand =1TB
if your ssd have 2 nand and laser mark is real your capacity is 2tb

but your nand is damaged first must Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT)
To test consecutively to determine the bad blocks, it may take 20 hours, 5 rounds

this controler real name is
it was detected by the system and even mounted as a disk, but at the same time it was impossible to enter it, I did not find recovery tools through PID in the site table, and it seems that for this controller they are not helped by deep formatting using the HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool.