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Название: Messed with VID
Отправлено: kasamiko от 03 Апреля 2011, 21:44:03
Hi, this is my first post please be gentle guy... ;D

I don't speak Russian so please reply in English as possible...

I got USBest 4GB drive and play it with UT163 MPTool v. accidentally changed the VID to 0165 instead of 0163.. :-[

Now MPTool v. wont detect it..UT165_1.65.13.4 will detect it but show this error "0x12" Any way how can I fix this? or return the original VID?

here are some info's:

Controller USBest UT163-L6, memory Hynix HY27UV08BGFM

Any advice will be appreciated...


Название: Re: Messed with VID
Отправлено: _ANDY_ от 03 Апреля 2011, 23:19:21
Already answered here: http://www.flashboot.ru/forum/index.php?topic=6019.msg30834 # msg30834