ok this pcb is good
in last picture from flash extractor used 2233 and t58nvg8d2ela20 *2 (used pcb for 64GB )

so lets start…

extract old tdk for used flash board
i read the pcb number and search in internet
for undrstand is pcb support dual channel or interleaved?
finaly found in flash extractor
I found this pcb (old tdk 4gb 2251-32 and 2 hynix mlc 4k )

now i have a 2251-38 and 2(th58nvg6d2..)

i loking for Good Flash Board

in phison site say 2251-38,2251-33,2251-32 is pin to pin Compatible
also i have team group flash 2gb phison 2251-38 and some emmc nand 2gb

why team group used 4channel controller for 2GB .i cant undrstand
and pcb is un un usabled
becuase just emmc and dont have a tsop 48 pin
so i extract the controler from PCB

i have 2 «th58nvg6d2ela48» one from japan
one from taiwan
Да, я знаю что флэшка левая. Невозможно купить флэшку на 128Gb за 10 или 15 доларов. Спасибо за информацию на счет вычисления производителя с помощью id.

Yes, I know it is fake. It is impossible to by a true 128Gb flash drive for 10 or 15 dollars. Thanks for the info about the brand detection by id.

К сожалению не возможно посмотреть точную маркировку контролера и памяти так как она литая, так что мне пришлось попытатся разными версиями програм от Alcor пока нашел одну которая сработала для этой флэшки.

Unfortunaly as you can see it is not possible to see the controller and memory brand on that flash, so I had to try many version of programs from Alcor until found one that worked for me.


Good luck.
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Огромное спасибо, спасли мою флешку на 64 гб! Уже отчаялся и хотел выбросить.
i make this 32gb for me .used 2team group 16 gb same nand
so ,real flash 128gb

must be 4 or 8ce
98 3c a5 93 4ce th58tft0dfkba4k
micron l95b
2c à4 e5 3c 4ce
lets show to you some real flash memory of my flash ,i alwayes make my flash .see the flash id ,and ce and channal
this is fake flash

frist 2 id is flash brand
ec samsund
98 toshiba
45 sandisk
ad hynix
b5 specteck
2c micron
89 intel

2nd id is flash size

d5 2g
d7 4g
de ,ce,88,64 =8g
3a ,4c,1a =is 16gb
3c =32 gb

and ce ,number of flash chip ,inside or out side of nand
your flash is 16gb

but downgraded flash
alcor mp show your real capacity is 8gb
picture have a good qouality to see if not
say to me to help you
also nand is real downgrade
8gb ad de =8gb
white capacity optimizie real 8gb
not 64gb
controler is no matter cob or 48pin
it is real alcor controller
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Методом Фрейда или Шредингера
cob chip (chip on board) use low quality pcb
this is a fake flash