2251-07 98 3a a8 92 76 50 become suffer

First of all i fu..ng hate a phison company

this company give nothing for 2251-33 for 32nm flash (we just 7.2 for 43nm tc58nvg5d2eta20 and 43 nm
tlc tc58nvgt2eta20)

we lost too many patriot exporter(225-33 and hynix 32nm)

thank god to maxell give update for 2251-38 (fw38v020610.m) and give nothing about 4k memory

and also we lost to many patriot rage 16gb (slc 4k) and 32gb mlc 4k

but in the now

after 3 years of become 2251-07 we cant firmware <19nm

98 3a a8 92 76 50 is toshiba a19 tlc «PEST » too many people have a write Protection problem

i fix the 19nm toggle tlc with 1.1.53 but A19 nm is diffrend

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finaly 3 day ago i download the last mpall 5

have FW07V50253TW.BIN

i open log file

this file for ED3 tlc

look that

this log file some asshole think can pass this firmware for ed3

— MP\F1\AFD6\
MP_7f00_05.03.0a,17-5-2016 15:33:42s, Drive: G,R/W= 0%,Test Time:-130851, Time taken: 225.5 seconds, Capacity: 65536, Serial Number: 7F00651FA1AFD600,7F00651F84AFD601, Flash Number: 1,UIDeviceIndex=3,
Firmware Version: 5.02.53, Status: PASS, ISP Mode: 0x18, [CS]:0x791F2CA1
thkis for you
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ok lets to test

this is mp.ini

IC Type=PS2251-07
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB PID=0x5500
String Product Name=USB DISK 3.0
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Preformat Target Capacity=14500
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1
Burner File=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\New Folder\BN07V502TAW.BIN
Firmware Name=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\New Folder\FW07V50253TW.BIN

have a you know phison for ed3 14.4G? ok

in preformat i do same

but in this nand i can firmware it by

98 DE 98 92 72 D7 ---1.1.53 ok! 19nm tlc toggle
98 3A A8 92 76 D7 1.1.53 ok 19nm tlc die size 16gb

and >=19 nm MLC like 98 DE 94 93 76 D7 1.2.10 ok

but in large capacity phison alwayes use the 98 3a a8 92 76 50

in last

shame of toshiba

in years toshiba use a19 tlc in SSD !!!!??

Fortunately firmware 5.2.53 work with A19nm TLC ,15NM tlc toshiba and sandisk
good luck
to day i fix 2207+a19 tlc toshiba

but to day just update ony isp And Dont clean nand in uptool

put this line in mp.ini

i use UPTool_Ver2093(Release)_20150312 but after 1:55:09 time ERROR code plz help
[0x1E-2-0] // UP25AA — MLC
FWCode0=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) non-T19 D2 Block
FWCode1=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) T19 eD2
FWCode2=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) T24/32 non-T19 D2 PageMode
FWCode3=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (3B) B74A
FWCode4=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (3B) B74A Page/Skip
FWCode5=226X-D2FW-141031-FASTRN-SVN946.bin ;// Full Block mode
FWCode6=226X-D2FW-141024-PBA-SVN909.BIN ;// PBA
FWCode7=226X-D2FW-141016-SVN884-CB.bin ;// CopyBack
FWCode8=226X-D2FW-140916-MULTIWRITE-SVN791.bin ;// MultiWrite mode
FWCode9=226X-D2FW-140916-FASTRNMULTIWRITE-SVN791.bin ;// MultiWrite mode+FastRN
copy and paste in code.ini

new 2268 hardware model is 1e2 or 1e6
first in report see ic model 1e2?

uptool support old 2268 but if you add line can be fixed
look this

OS Version: Win XP

MP Version: 2.093 (2015.01.14)

PC Name: []

DUT Slot: 1

Driver: G

IC Type: 1E-2

ISP Type: 1

F-Slot: 1
in last uptool support 1e0

but new 2268 is 1e2 or 1e6
so i think you undrstand why uptool give you «cant isp found»

so fix that and say result
try on uptool 2092h
i cant trust 2093
LAST FIRMWARE 15NM TLC 2207 €Aug 22 2017.03:1
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