DM8235,Dm8233 Mptool

hi after 3 years become Controller DM8233 Finaly we Found Mp For fix that

but DM8233 is Orginal name SG1580
and DM8235 is SG1581

And Orginal Controller is Silicon GO

ok lets start

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in cob flash

Chip on board

you must connect gnd to boot rom code mode

ok you can see the pin out

you must connect for 4 second to gnd to change vid to

VID = BA57 PID = 1001

if do not the rom code mode mptool cant detect flash
also to day silicon power give RepairBox.exe you can download from site
Помогите, не удается восстановить ничем флешку

Description: Запоминающее устройство для USB

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed

USB Device ID: VID = 8564 PID = 1000

Device Revision: 1100

Controller Part-Number: Unknown
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dear roman

your flash is smi

connect 29+30 nand flash pin
Device Revision: 1100 is smi

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