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help impossibl to format usb
« : 10 Апреля 2020, 15:49:42 »
Hello everybody

sorry for my English. I have a little problem I can't find a solution to form my usb 128gb key read only windows. but it is recognized perfectly by android box. but impossible to format it on Windows

Logical drive   : F:\            Capacity:  0.0G
Device ID       : VID = 0781     PID = 559C
Device SN       : 4C531001620803105120
Device version  : 1.00

Device vendor   : SanDisk
Device model    : LPVR
Protocol        : USB2.0
Max power       : 224mA

Partition type  : øÿÿÿÄ⯠       Device active   : no
Aligned state   : 0 KB, Have been Aligned

Network error, the request for chipmodel failed!
OS Version      : Windows Unknown Professional

Description: Generic USB Hub
Device Type: Single-TT High Speed USB HUB

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed

The HUB has: 6 ports

USB Device ID: VID = 8087 PID = 0024

Device Revision: 0000

Controller Part-Number: Unknown

Description: Contrôleur d’hôte compatible xHCI USB
Device Type: Universal Serial Bus Controller

PCI Device ID: VEN = 1B21 DEV = 1042
Revision: 00

The HUB has: 4 ports
 Description: Contrôleur d’hôte amélioré USB à circuit microprogrammé Intel(R) de la série 6/C200 - 1C26
Device Type: Universal Serial Bus Controller

PCI Device ID: VEN = 8086 DEV = 1C26
Revision: 05

The HUB has: 2 ports

Volume: F:
Controller: SanDisk
Possible Memory Chip(s): Not available
VID: 0781
PID: 559C
Query Vendor ID: SanDisk
Query Product ID: LPVR
Query Product Revision: 1.00
Physical Disk Capacity: 124218507264 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity:  0 Bytes
Internal Tags: 3W4F-SCDL
USB Version: 3.00 in 2.00 port
Declared Power: 224 mA
ContMeas ID: 26A5-02-00
Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Build 18363
Program Version: