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Виден только в диспетчере дисков в винде.

Description: Çàïîìèíàþùåå óñòðîéñòâî äëÿ USB(Innostor Innostor)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.10 <- Hint: This device can run faster when plugged to a USB3.0 port
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 1F75 PID = 0917
Serial Number: 3357049884

Device Vendor: Innostor
Device Name: PenDrive
Device Revision: 0001

Manufacturer: Innostor
Product Model: Innostor
Product Revision: 1.00

Controller Vendor: Innostor
Controller Part-Number: IS917-E1 - F/W

Tools on web: http://dl.mydigit.net/special/up/innostor.html


Volume: None
Controller: Innostor IS917 E1
Possible Memory Chip(s):
  Hynix H27UDG8M2MTR *2
Memory Type: TLC
Flash ID: AD3A18A3 6125
Flash CE: 2
Flash Channels: Single
Chip F/W:
VID: 1F75
PID: 0917
Manufacturer: Innostor
Product: PenDrive
Query Vendor ID: Innostor
Query Product ID: Innostor       
Query Product Revision: 1.00
Physical Disk Capacity: 31198707712 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity:  0 Bytes
Internal Tags: CXXH-ACFJ
USB Version: 3.00 in 2.00 port
Declared Power: 200 mA
ContMeas ID: B89E-04-00

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 x64 Build 7601

Пробовал форматировать разным софтом, в т.ч. HPUSBDisk-2.2.3, Ufix. Ни одна из них не видит флешки. То, что она подключена говорят только иконка отмонтирования в трее (которая открывает пустое меню) и наличие флешки в Управлении дисками. Там она то отображается нормально и полность, то как пустой блок, просто озаглавленный "Съемное устройство. Нет носителя"
Im working on a USB flash drive that has a little physical damage on the connector, but no other visible problems. It reports to be 0MB or uninitialised and no data can be read from the OS.

Controller Vendor: SMI
Controller Part-Number: SM3267AC - ISP 160128-1AC
Flash ID code: AD3A18A3 - Hynix H27UDG8M2MTR - 2CE/Single Channel TLC-16K -> Total Capacity = 32GB

Its a double sided board with the controller and one NAND on one side, and the other NAND on the other side. They are TSSOP and QFN parts which for me makes reflow work a lot easier than BGA, so I can take them off to read them externally Id have to get a reader for that. But before Im going the hardware route, Im wondering if the SMI controller has some sort of recovery mode or raw-read mode.

There are a number of MPTools from SMI that have debug portions that allow different kinds of access to the NAND, RAM, controller settings etc. but havent spotted a raw-NAND-read option. It does get detected properly including the NAND, so thats good, but Im not sure how to safely check NAND command availability using MPTool as its obviously intended for manufacturing testing and loading of preset images. I tried the udisk creation option which is supposed to create a low-level image for mass production, but that resulted in 32GB of nulls.

There is a bad block counter thats set to 99, but 97 of those are normal reserved bad block entries, code 80, which appears to not refer to actual bad blocks.
There are two entries in the bad block list that refer to something else:

New Bad Block : 2
=== >>>>> ===================================================================================================
New Block Index: 0, Block: 82, Page: 49, ErrorCode: 3
New Block Index: 1, Block: 86, Page: 3D, ErrorCode: 3
=== <<<<< ===================================================================================================

Other than that, the PCB and none of the chips get warm, the LED does light up but doesnt blink probably because there is no normal FTL activity.

I could start with some simple voltage probing to see if maybe some traces have micro fractures, but perhaps someone here knows of other software controlled testing/reading options for the SMI controllers?