After Extract File This folder size 50 mb! And have all isp for smi 32x famly
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Всё сделал как написано-прога не ВИДИТ флэху!!! Что может быть? Помогите!!!

So You can see that!!! plase take photo your problem
i found 1 flash like yours! flash chip name is Hynix H27UCG8T2MYR [MLC-8K]
use that AlcorMP_12.02.13.03
have sandisk Samsung tlc and all new flash memory new chp
i Modifid and created Sm32XX And All isp and frim ware if you wan it tell me to upload it that is 45 Mega Byte!
this flash use phison chip PMAP is phison Frimware! Use Phison mpall 2.29 or phison up19
OnLineRecovery_v1.0.0.23.exe this is file name and you may search in the google
use jet flash online recovery
this is Hard! ok !
If you run In my Way step by Step in video flie you can do it _and You Flash Version not Deffrind!!! ok i see that your sending picture ps2250 and i repiared for many time!!!
I Show You Easy Way and You Cant Did It, I say to you i fix the phison 2250 for many time !use «Phison_PS2251_UP19_CTool_v2.08B3» i no you cant RE Frimwared by Mpall Program, Mpall so hard For You!!!

if you dont do that!!! plase type your flash memory name and i help you for sample «SAmsung K9gag08um»
and finaly i help you to fix that !thank you
При активации флэшки Transcend JF V30/4GB исчезла одна папка и при копировании файлов появилось «защищена от записи».Наверное повлиял файлПосле его удаления с диска С, воспользовался Вашими рекомендациями по восстановлению флэшки программой AlcorMP(090227). VID:058F PID:6387 Micron MT29F32G08MAA
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