f500 is alcor au6989sn-gtc

use ALCOR_MP_v16.09.30.00
low level
capacity mode
bad block=min=200 max=1850 mb
Мне флешка 2Гб. мне надо утилита.
Volume: G:
Controller: Alcor 0xF500
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Samsung K9ACGD8U0D
Memory Type: TLC
Flash ID: ECDE88BF 90C6
Flash CE: 1
Chip F/W: FD00
Group: 98
VID: 058F
PID: 6387
Manufacturer: Generic
Product: Mass Storage
Query Vendor ID: Generic
Query Product ID: Flash Disk
Query Product Revision: 8.07
Physical Disk Capacity: 2023751680 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 0 Bytes
Internal Tags: AYAR-SY52
USB Version: 2.00
Declared Power: 200 mA
ContMeas ID: 8B6C-09-00
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Build 7601
Thanks for all, I will try
alcor mp 13.02.5

use chipgnuis for report controller but nand is 24bit ecc so au6990 is your ic
Спасибо за отклик. Скачал, установил, проверил:
Logical drive: F:\ Capacity: 0.0G
Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 9380
Device SN:
Device version: 7.76

Device vendor: Generic
Device model: USB Flash Disk
Protocol: USB2.0
Max power: 100mA

Partition type:! Device active: no
Aligned state: 0 KB, Have been Aligned

Controller: AlcorMP
Controller model: AU9380/9385/9386/SC708 Help?
Flash Vendor: Toshiba, Type: MLC, Single channel, Total: 2G
Flash ID: 98D59432 Flash Part: TC58NVG4D2ETA00
Score: 20 (Normal Score >= 30)
Tools: www.upan.cc/tools/mass/Alcor/
OS Version: Windows 8 Professional
Update Status: The current version is the latest version!

Попробую найти нужную утилиту
nand is brocked sorry
try on uptool 2092h
i cant trust 2093
in last uptool support 1e0

but new 2268 is 1e2 or 1e6
so i think you undrstand why uptool give you «cant isp found»

so fix that and say result
look this

OS Version: Win XP

MP Version: 2.093 (2015.01.14)

PC Name: []

DUT Slot: 1

Driver: G

IC Type: 1E-2

ISP Type: 1

F-Slot: 1