Phison Recover is so Easy Than Smi i A great experience of 2250-2238-2260-2261-2267
alwayes fix by restore or silicon power Formater or Mpall Program And Get New Frimware is so Easy
Just Bilive it and do step on step
look my frend hp format tools read frimware of flash and do format >So Some Flash Frimware is Destroyid!
ok USB30X Mean is Flash Frimware has a live but Flash MBR Is Cleaned Some Program(Restore 2.7 or Siilcon Power Formater Can Fix It ) But in some time Flash Frimware has ben Copmltly Deleted or Broken
So we use Mpall or uptool To RE Frim Ware Again

for example
phison 2250-50-f (2250) 13fe -3600
flash id :TH58TVG7D2FBA89 toshiba mlc -8k
use mpall go setting Chose do is
select fw50*******10m for 8k
or fw50*********24m for 4k
or fw50*******50m for tlc 8k
or fw50*********53m for ED3 (Tlc-ed3)
i write it by vb6 is some one try to help me to affer this program coment here thanx
Hi To All Frind Plase Comments and suggestions Tghyrat tell it to do Tghyrat
I modifided Again Anu put SMIMPTool.exe and RecoverTool.exe (new for silicon power )
Support All Ed3 ,Tlc,Mlc 8k- And Mlc 4k _ All sumsung Tlc (Lga And Other Version )
Last sm32Xtest_V2.5.24_v1_M0628.exe Just Enjoy That!!!
جعفر ایرانی هستی؟
probably already knew all the partners of Connecting vcc to controler? i…
I was hoping I have a good partner, but it did not happen and I'm not scoring value, but is treated like a stranger to me no answer it did not'm after solution? As a leprosy؟
when direct voltage connect to nand flash flash id is changed to 04 04 04 04 and nand flash is turned off and
computer detect frist frimware you Imitation of silicon power Solution but is wrong in other flash
i made the Solution just for phison in other controller you connect +5 to nand flash not memory controller
After all about am writing i dont have 1 thanx??????? but how ever
i ask Question no body answer me, so thank you all so much!
hi to all ,some one help me so happend here? i cant undrstand rus
Finaly You can fix that? if micro controler leg is too short use the shemitanic and install the way of board in Flash
After Use U3S_SafeErase_V116 to Eraes All Block And Old Frimware
use «SSS_MP_Utility_v.2162.rar»
open The Flash Cover And Read Flash Name Your
01010101 — Spansion [SLC]
Spansion Have No slc Frist Soldering Again By heater
We Conect +5 volt to Close Second Frimware in Flash Chip After See Drive In My Computer Cut The Wire for up19
Acsees to Flash And After Frimware Led Is blink
hi vasanth
Open Flash Cover And Read Flash Name Ok?
For Example i29f32g1212
1 easy Way and danger

you use preformat.exe and fix that
but if you controller is ps2267 or pss2261 your flash is dead!
Every Flash Have 2 Frimware
1-Based in controller (ps2250 for Phison 2251-50-f or Usbmemory bar for smi and ut167xx for ite )

2-based in Flash Frim ware

If your Problem is Device Type not =3 (not has a remoaveble ) you can strat up Flash By Frist Frimware And Do Frimware Again!
How Ever THis IS i Made him !!!
If Flash Used MLC-8k Or Mlc-4k(2pcs have 2 Core) Flash Speed is Good
If Flash Used Mlc Dual Channel Flash Speed Is Very Good
If Flash Used TlC -Or Ed3 Flash Speed Is bad!
Patriot Memory Always Use Dual Channel+Mlc 4 or Mlc 8k and Use Last Frimware
And have a Best Speed
Philips Always ed3 or tlc And Have a bad speed
Transscend Always Samsung Mlc 4k (2pcs have 2 core in Flash ) and have a normal Speed