Erase All Block And Install Last Mptool
Install 2 Hynix In Dual Chanell

Extract Hynix From Silicon Power
Composition 2 Flash


i have 2 8Gig Flash

Silicon Power 8 Gig=ps2250+Hynix H27UCG8T2MYR — 1CE/single Channel [MLC-8K]

TeamGruop 8Gig=ite1167b+Hynix H27UCG8T2MYR — 1Ce/single Channel [MLC-8K]

so flash memory in 2 flash Not different

I decided to make 1 flash 16Gig

so i chose ite1167b

every one know ite1167b powerFull than Phison 2251-50-f

so i extract hynix memory of silicon Power And install it on ite1167b(my TeamGroup Flash)

Download The last ite1167B tools

frist of all Click on Erase All Block
And Install New FrimWare

Very good results came

Now I Have one Power Full 16G
Read Speed is 28Mb! great for Usb 2
Write Speed is 12mb great for Usb 2
connect wire just like that and run smi tools tomarow i see that and i help you
i think flash boot upload now have problem upload your flash pic on other upload site or email me tanx
i cant see your picture plase… Plase Take Photo! Plase Take Photo your Flash Information in any Upload Site
After I see Your Information Say the fix way In iran 11:58 pm now If you cant Upload the pic plase email to me
I think kingstone some time used ps2333
Frist use getinfo and type phison Type Thanx
before use that open Default.ini and modfi it to install Frime ware white out format the drive

hi frist type your problem in english
2-take a photo of your flash board
3-use chipgnune 4 and report all information in here
After Replace that I used Alcor Mp tools And Frimware and format it!
its work Great!

And After I modfi this Flash Online Recovery dont Support it Becuase Transend jetflash version never use intel chip and 6986T!
<img src=«http://flashboot.ru/uploads/images/78/2013/07/12/main1.jpg» alt="" />
i love all frind in Flash recovery, I love FlashBoot.ru And I love rusian people ,Becuase all My Information When I get Free In russian Site ,I Hope The Flash Boot Team Help All !!!Thank You All So Much !
ok Not Problen ,How ever thank your ,im iranian and dont russian lang but i see the flash picture and see problem in the picture, I hope to help evrery frind in flashboot.ru
Frist Check the Fuse _2 open flash Cover And Placed here to find micro controller name!
if your Flash Led Is Turned On _Your Frimware is CRashed Take the flash Board Picture And Placed here