hi again

to day we have 4GB HP flash
this flash is not working

First step we must check Fuse

1-use multimeter
connect black wire on flash disk 5volt and red wire on GND show 630~650
if show betwen 500 and 650 5volt fuse is ok

if see the range your flash 5volt fuse is safe

if not try to found 5volt way

2-test DP DM

also use multimeter to see range betwen dp dm you must see in 1 second 1200~1500

ok we know test dp and dm

to day hp 4gb 5volt show «0» we found 5 volt way and use wire to connect 5 volt

in this picture i show the dp dm and 5 volt line

solder 5volt to line and flash is worked again

this flash have important data and we fix it
with out any flashextractor or pc 3000

FIX Innostor AND PHISON 64PIN Hardware Problem

IN Innostor FAMILY

IN PHISON USB3 64PIN 2251-03-Q ,2251-07-6

HI again
too many people have Innostor flash memory
and so many people emailed to me and have this problem

some ic «eml3020» is crashed and usb is not worked

eml3020 is dc to dc convertor

Innostor like a very old flash havent inside voltage convertor

as we know nand flash used 3.3 volt
but usb voltage is 5 volt

some flash like 2251-50 or other have dc to dc convertor but Innostor used em3020 to create 3.3 volt

— ok

lets test rule

use multi meter
1-is 5 volt fuse safe? ok go to next level
not ok > change fuse

2-Between DP AND DM must multi meter show (900-1700 ohm )
if not show change dp and dm fuse

3-test L1(Fuse)

4-output eml3020 is 3.3 volt?

if not

try find on old flash memory have 5 to 3.3 volt convertor

2251-07 98 3a a8 92 76 50 become suffer

First of all i fu..ng hate a phison company

this company give nothing for 2251-33 for 32nm flash (we just 7.2 for 43nm tc58nvg5d2eta20 and 43 nm
tlc tc58nvgt2eta20)

we lost too many patriot exporter(225-33 and hynix 32nm)

thank god to maxell give update for 2251-38 (fw38v020610.m) and give nothing about 4k memory

and also we lost to many patriot rage 16gb (slc 4k) and 32gb mlc 4k

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