SK6211 PDT 20100428

Набор утилит для восстановления USB Flash на контроллерах SK62XX и SK66XX производства SKYMEDI.
Поддерживаются: SK6612AB; SK6612AC/AD; SK6621AA; SK6621AB; SK6625AA; SK6618AA/AB…V SK6211; SK6201AB; SK6281AA; SK6281AB; SK6288AA.

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Transparent sapphire . mirror, black clad PVD coating titanium surface through the end. The . top center of titanium metal watchcase with carbon fiber . inserts, unique crown in the case, it is very mysterious and . uk interesting. Movement is very unique, first in the . front of the vertical surface of the small seconds display, they are fixed in the suspension frame on the frame of the aluminum column to indicate.

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