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Burner file and firmware?
can you elaborate on the tool?
drive info:
Volume: D:
Controller: Phison PS2319
Possible Memory Chip(s): Not available
Flash ID: 453E9803 7664
Chip F/W: 10.05.5D
Firmware Date: 2022-02-25
ID_BLK Ver.:
MP Ver.: MPALL v5.35.64
VID: 0951
PID: 1666
Manufacturer: Kingston
Product: DataTraveler 3.0
Query Vendor ID: Kingston
Query Product ID: DataTraveler 3.0
Query Product Revision: PMAP
Physical Disk Capacity: 61920509952 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 61913169920 Bytes
Internal Tags: 2Q6P-8X74
File System: EXFAT
Relative Offset: 4032 KB
USB Version: 3.10
Declared Power: 504 mA
ContMeas ID: D436-01-00
Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Build 19045
Program Version:

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