Alcor FC8908 MpTool 05.00.05

Утилита для контроллеров серии Alcor FC8908 (SC908L ?) (возможно подходит и для более ранних версий)
P.S. Пароль для настроек не установлен, просто жмем ОК.

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Помогло на флэшке:
Controller: Alcor AU6989L/AU6998L/SC908L(FC8908L)
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Toshiba TC58NVG5T7FTA00
Toshiba TC58NVG5T2FTA00-ED3
Memory Type: TLC
Flash ID: 98D79882 76D5
Flash CE: 1
Chip Code: 0xCE02
Chip F/W: EE34
Group: 98
VID: 0011
PID: 7788
Manufacturer: Generic
Product: Mass Storage
Query Vendor ID: Generic
Query Product ID: Flash Disk
Query Product Revision: 8.07
Physical Disk Capacity: 4099932160 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 4091482112 Bytes
Internal Tags: AYWR-S89Y
File System: FAT32
Relative Offset: 432 KB
USB Version: 2.00
Declared Power: 100 mA
ContMeas ID: E095-02-00
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Build 2600
Description: [F:]Запоминающее устройство для USB(Generic Flash Disk)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device
Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 100mA
USB Device ID: VID = 0011 PID = 7788
Serial Number: D1D5404E
Device Vendor: Generic
Device Name: Mass Storage
Device Revision: 0102
Manufacturer: Generic
Product Model: Flash Disk
Product Revision: 8.07
Controller Vendor: Alcor Micro
Controller Part-Number: SC908L/AU6989L [CE02] — F/W EE34
Flash ID code: 98D79882 — Toshiba TC58NVG5T7FLA19 — 1CE/Single Channel [TLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 4GB
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