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Собсно сабж: Verico Wanderer 16 (V16G12Q3MIA)

Name: USB Mass Storage Device (USB2.0)

VID&PID: Vid_048d&Pid_1171
Speed: high speed

Vendor Description: iTE Tech
Product Description: USB Mass Storage Device
Serial Number: 0000000026A68D6D

ProductID: PDU01-16G C8H2.0
Product Revision: 0.00
Logic Driver: H:\ (Total Space: 0.00 MB, Free Space: 0.00 MB)

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Pid_1171=YOUR CONTROLLER IS A IT1170 ~1171
USE ChipGenius_v4_00_0028_stable TO SEE NAND FLASH ID BUT FRIST DO «URescue_v1.2.12.1.exe» IF CANTB FRIMWARE IT

REPORT ChipGenius_v4_00_0028_stable ALL INFORMATION HERE

Thanks! I will try it!
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