verbatim 8gb

Привет Всем! Такая проблема
Устройство не опозноно!!!

toshiba tc58nc2233g6f — КОНТРОЛЕР

видит тока так
Name: unknow device (USB0.0)

VID&PID: Vid_0000&Pid_0000
Speed: low speed

Vendor Description:
Product Description:
Serial Number:

Помогите возобновить.

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Народ Кто Знает помогите
your controller is phison 2251-33

But your flash have hardware problem open flash cover and take picture of PCB(Flash Borad )
my flash disk ne pas copie les fichier /
Logical drive: H:\ Capacity: 0.0G
Device ID: VID = 2000 PID = 2008
Device SN:
Device version: 2.10

Device vendor: Generic
Device model: Flash Disk 2.0
Protocol: USB2.0
Max power: 100mA

Partition type: ` Device active: no
Aligned state: 0 KB, Have been Aligned

Controller: Micov
Controller model: MXT6208

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
Update Status: The current version is the latest version!

aid moi s.v.p

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