Work with Alcor

before all take a look that

this is last Schematic from alcor

channel 2 is not used why? i dont know
but also tagaraz say in usbdev alcor 2014 not support l74 dual channel mode

may be new nand have a problem with dual channel

may be 1 time ask from nat27


i have 2 " K9LCG08U0A" and orginal brand and i know if i used in 2250 speed is a trash|! w=13 r=17

2251 famly in read speed kill my self i used toggle memory in 2267 but read speed is =23

so i dont like used my gook nand memory in this device

and i havent 2238 ,and i dont trust it1167b speed some time 30 ~25|~18

Finaly i will used new controller and leave 6987 or 6990


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i used old pcb

i think new pcb is not support dual channel

just interleaved mode

so i used 6987 pcb
i uploaded big to people see good

remove crystall and change r3=330 ohm to 630ohm

Description: [D:]USB Mass Storage Device(Parlag Extreme RAGE!)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 8564 PID = 1000
Serial Number: 8F4A7678

Device Vendor: Parlag
Device Name: Extreme RAGE!
Device Revision: 0103

Manufacturer: Parlag
Product Model: Extreme RAGE!
Product Revision: 8.07

Controller Vendor: Alcor Micro
Controller Part-Number: SC908N/AU6989N — F/W 3406
Flash ID code: ECDED57A — Samsung K9LCG08U0A — 1CE/Dual Channel [MLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 16GB

Tools on web:

Possible Flash Part-Number
— [1CE]K9LCG08U0A(27nm) x 1 pcs/Channel x 2 Channels

Flash ID mapping table
— [Channel 0] [Channel 1]
ECDED57A5843 ECDED57A5843
— — — — — —
used AlcorMP_v13.02.05.00

speed optimize
fast scan 1
and result is
before this i made

6986+micron l63 2ce /*2 channel =r 30 w18
6987+micron l63 2ce /*2 channel =r 30 w18
ite1167+micron l74/*2channel r=30 w=16

3257ena +toshiba toggle mlc 2ce interleaved=r34 w=19

2233+toshiba 43nm mlc 2ce */2channel =r=30 w=17

but never spped more than 20mb in usb 2

jet flash v600 also 6989n + spansion l74

look dear frinds spansion also used micron id but is cheaper and speed is lower

if u open the cover «fcg...»
so in jet flash v600 write speed is 16~18

thank you for reading this
Great job you are a teacher
ty dude, worked well with me
btw new PCB supports dual channel
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my problim is:

Description: [P:]USB Mass Storage Device(Generic Flash Disk)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 100mA

USB Device ID: VID = 0001 PID = 7778
Serial Number: FD011BB4

Device Vendor: Generic
Device Name: Mass Storage
Device Revision: 0143

Manufacturer: Generic
Product Model: Flash Disk
Product Revision: 8.00

Chip Vendor: Alcor Micro
Chip Part-Number: AU6981 — F/W A100
Flash ID Code: — 1CE/Single Channel
Reference Product: ??:?U????????

Tools on web:

i use more mptool
FW burn OK.
but after Copy media files such as (mp3-mp4) on flash media file is corrupted.
hassan tell me flash id in alcor mp 2008 and i tell you flash ecc setting
Used old alcor mp 2008 or older version
Ecc 0 capacity optimize
Low level
Logical drive: F:\ Capacity: 0.0G
Device ID: VID = 058F PID = 1234
Device SN:
Device version: 7.76

Device vendor: Generic
Device model: USB Flash Disk
Protocol: USB2.0
Max power: 100mA

Partition type: Device active:
Aligned state: Misaligned

Controller: AlcorMP
Controller model: AU698X/FC8708/FC8308/FC850X Help?
Flash Vendor: SanDisk
Score: 8 (Normal Score >= 30)

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
Update Status: The current version is the latest version!
flash I'd error!
you see I'd is not normal
solder again nand pin
you have hardware problem!
sandisk or Toshiba 19nm mlc downgraded
but soldering nand is unplugged
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