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Why Sandisk Brand NAme (Icon ) is Scratch?

Lests To Undrstand Step By Step

Example :Tishiba or sandsik make Nand Flash (TC58nvg6d2ja20)

Before Sale to Market Must Be Tested By (FC or ROHS Standad)
some Nand Have Problem «BadBlock Over Normal Or LitoGraphic Problem»

so Tohiba and sandisk Never Destroyed the bad nand They Scratch Brand Name And sale to Black Marketing as low price

Example 2:

Orginal tc58nvg6D2jta00 orginal toshiba brand is 12~yuan

downgraded tc58nvg6D2jta00 is 3~4 Yuan

80 % Flash Memory Price Is nand

After 2012 Silicon Power 100% Used DownGraded Nand in usb 2
But To Day Silicon Power Marvel M50 Usb 3 Also Is Now DownGraded

Lest Show To You
this is 6 month aqo Silicon Power 16gb Marvel m50 usb3

— Volume: E:
Controller: Phison PS2307
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Toshiba TH58TEG7D2JBA4C
Toshiba TC58NVG6D2JTA00
Memory Type: MLC
Flash ID: 98DEA482 76D7
Chip F/W: 01.04.10
Firmware Date: 2014-03-20
ID_BLK Ver.:
MP Ver.: MPALL v3.80.00
PID: 5500
Manufacturer: UFD 3.0
Product: Silicon Power16G
Query Vendor ID: UFD 3.0
Query Product ID: Silicon Power16G
Query Product Revision: PMAP
Physical Disk Capacity: 15879634944 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 15864119296 Bytes
Internal Tags: 2Q6P-S74A
File System: FAT32
USB Version: 3.00 in 2.00 port
Declared Power: 300 mA
ContMeas ID: AF73-01-00
Microsoft Windows XP SP3
Program Version:
Firmware version =1.04.10 is Normal What the mean?

Nand Flash Is Safe And Maked In Phison Company (Tf57g) 19Nm DDR Toggle 2Ce Flash

90MB Read 30Mb Wrie

Firmwared In Standard Phison Mpall Program (FC1 And Fc2 (Quality Control Have A OK!)
BUT! To Day marvel M50 16gb

Description: [H:]USB Mass Storage Device(UFD 3.0 Silicon-Power16G)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.10 < — Hint: This device can run faster when plugged to a USB3.0 port
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 300mA

USB Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 5500
Serial Number: 14029364010E6004BE72B178723

Device Vendor: UFD 3.0
Device Name: Silicon-Power16G
Device Revision: 0100

Manufacturer: UFD 3.0
Product Model: Silicon-Power16G
Product Revision: PMAP

Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-07(PS2307) — F/W 01.03.30 [2014-06-27]
Flash ID code: 45DE9493 — SanDisk SDTNQGAMA-008G [MLC-16K]

Tools on web: dl.mydigit.net/special/up/phison.html

Possible Flash Part-Number

Flash ID mapping table
— [Channel 0] [Channel 1]
firmware is 1.03.30

This Mean Silicon Power Used UPTool_Ver2089(Release)

For Normal Flash Used Mpall Example 1.08.10,1.08.53,1.08.56,1.08.24

For Downgraded Flash Programmed In Uptool 1.08.30,

Speed Is Read 40 Write 18Mb In Usb 3


downgraded in Smi

Also SMi HAve A normal Program= SmXXtest.exe (you see in tester debug)«V 2.5.31» or «2.5.18» or «2.5.36»

and Dyna Downgraded Tool you see in tester debug date «131023» or othere date


in Alcor Downgraded Flash Firmware Version is «FF00» Force Firmware (capacity Mode )

in Phison XX.XX.10 is normal MLC XX.XX.30 is downgrade MLC

note 2:

Apacer CoB Normal Flash

2251-68 + toshiba A19 MLC normal nand firmware =1.02.10 Read Speed :23 Write Speed is 13 (Speed Optimize )

Philips 8GB

2251-68 +Toshiba Downgraded A19 6d2DDk A19 19NM Firmware 1.02.30 Read is :17 Write is «7» (Capacity Optimize )

Downgraded Nand Cant Firmware By Speed Optimize because havent well quality

in Final (Team group ,Silicon power ,Verico And almost Big Brand Use Downgraded Flash

Havent Any quality and Danger To be Copy family picture or movie or any important File

this is A Big treason to The People

people care about him data but Company Care About A Money

Good Luck
SanDisk NAND чип подделка?
no sandisk nand not fake but havent qualiy
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