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i have 2 «th58nvg6d2ela48» one from japan
one from taiwan
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also i have team group flash 2gb phison 2251-38 and some emmc nand 2gb

why team group used 4channel controller for 2GB .i cant undrstand
and pcb is un un usabled
becuase just emmc and dont have a tsop 48 pin
so i extract the controler from PCB

now i have a 2251-38 and 2(th58nvg6d2..)

i loking for Good Flash Board

in phison site say 2251-38,2251-33,2251-32 is pin to pin Compatible
I found this pcb (old tdk 4gb 2251-32 and 2 hynix mlc 4k )

i read the pcb number and search in internet
for undrstand is pcb support dual channel or interleaved?
finaly found in flash extractor
Вот помогла ета програма yadi.sk/d/w5oX_SPYw8JC9
ok this pcb is good
in last picture from flash extractor used 2233 and t58nvg8d2ela20 *2 (used pcb for 64GB )

so lets start…

extract old tdk for used flash board

2251-38 64 pin is so difficult to soldring
controller pin is so small
i remove the Between connection with wire
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ok do mpall and frimware

mpal 3.63+fw 2.06.10 (some people write firmware as FW38FF01V30610M.BIN but real is FW38FF01V20610M.BIN
ok time to test

in tera copy up to 22 mb
i test in win xp 32bit

ok in final
we undrstand crystal controler pcb «2232-2233-2238» is same and we can use 1channel «2237-2239»

free crystal same model is «2260-2250-2261-2267-2268»

— in alcor all version pcb is mach
example you can change au6986 by au6998sn
you dont need «n»version install crystal
— in ite also 1165-1167-1167b-1169-1176 is same
— in smi like 2 model

crystal need (3255-3254-325ac-- is same)

free crystall model (3257-3257en-enba -enlt is same

good luck…
Вот помогла ета програма yadi.sk/d/w5oX_SPYw8JC9
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