An New SMI 32X have All silicon motion ISP Modifid By Davod Amirajam

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After Extract File This folder size 50 mb! And have all isp for smi 32x famly
I modifided Again Anu put SMIMPTool.exe and RecoverTool.exe (new for silicon power )
Support All Ed3 ,Tlc,Mlc 8k- And Mlc 4k _ All sumsung Tlc (Lga And Other Version )
Last sm32Xtest_V2.5.24_v1_M0628.exe Just Enjoy That!!!
Finaly After 2 Years i Found The Password for setting
Real Password is «320» for all smitest.exe
عالی بود داداش دمت گرم
فدات داداش میذارم سایت ایرانی با پول میفروشن ناراحت میشم هر کی مسلمان نبود با معرفت بود
flash memory model silicon power ba barname Chip easy info greftam natege en shod:

Logical drive: K:\ Capacity: 0.0G
Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 3623
Device SN: E6A41A00D5A506D1
Device version: PMAP

Device vendor:
Device model: silicon-power
Max power: not support

Partition type: Device active:
Aligned state: Misaligned

device aval che mitone base???????

in flash memory password dare?
man ke rosh password nazashtam.

erad kojast?
Phison mpall 3.60 va UPTool_Ver2070_0703 ro estfade kardam flash ro peda nakard!
aks az flash:

Salam mojadad

Soal ghabli be javab moond. Bighial.

Soal jadid in hast ke flash disk ba controller sm3255q be port usb ke vasl
Mikonam plug va unplug mishe e lahze drive f miad va mire hamintor ghat va vasl
Erad kojast?
Salam mojadad

Flash baba ( controler sm3255q) ba ic flash nand Fd32g08uct1
Pin clean FW in ic koja hast?
Harche search kardam detasheet in ic nabod.
Salam. Davodamirajam.

Hal shod ba etsal 29-30. Pin on nand flash va re FW drost shood

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