Нужна помощь по восстановлению флеш без потери важной информации помогите пожалуйста.

Флешка jetflash 4gb transcend v30, при подлючени виндовс её видит но при попытке открыть пишет «Вставте диск в устройство съёмный диск (I:). Пробовал разные утилиты для восстановления, флешку видят но ничего не получается.
VID_090C PID_3000 REV_0100 чип памяти SAMSUNG 016 K9ABG08UDA-MCB0 контролёр H58016. В утилите SMI Mass Production Tool в статусе Ready а Capacity 0MB VID_0000 PID_0000.

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hi frist type your problem in english
2-take a photo of your flash board
3-use chipgnune 4 and report all information in here
Flash card jetflash 4gb transcend v30, hook up with windows sees it but when I try to open says «Insert the disk into the removable disk (I :). I tried different utilities to recover a USB flash drive but sees nothing.
VID_090C PID_3000 REV_0100 memory chip SAMSUNG 016 K9ABG08UDA-MCB0 controller H58016. In the utility SMI Mass Production Tool in the status of Ready and Capacity 0MB VID_0000 PID_0000.
I would like to keep the documents from a flash drive.
before use that open Default.ini and modfi it to install Frime ware white out format the drive

I did everything you said, but during verification it fails and firmware preloaded does not start from the first time I press start again, too, because that was a mistake.
i cant see your picture plase… Plase Take Photo! Plase Take Photo your Flash Information in any Upload Site
After I see Your Information Say the fix way In iran 11:58 pm now If you cant Upload the pic plase email to me
i think flash boot upload now have problem upload your flash pic on other upload site or email me tanx
connect wire just like that and run smi tools tomarow i see that and i help you

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