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Composition 2 Flash


i have 2 8Gig Flash

Silicon Power 8 Gig=ps2250+Hynix H27UCG8T2MYR — 1CE/single Channel [MLC-8K]

TeamGruop 8Gig=ite1167b+Hynix H27UCG8T2MYR — 1Ce/single Channel [MLC-8K]

so flash memory in 2 flash Not different

I decided to make 1 flash 16Gig

so i chose ite1167b

every one know ite1167b powerFull than Phison 2251-50-f

so i extract hynix memory of silicon Power And install it on ite1167b(my TeamGroup Flash)

Download The last ite1167B tools

frist of all Click on Erase All Block
And Install New FrimWare

Very good results came

Now I Have one Power Full 16G
Read Speed is 28Mb! great for Usb 2
Write Speed is 12mb great for Usb 2

Extract Hynix From Silicon Power
Install 2 Hynix In Dual Chanell

Erase All Block And Install Last Mptool
If Flash Used MLC-8k Or Mlc-4k(2pcs have 2 Core) Flash Speed is Good
If Flash Used Mlc Dual Channel Flash Speed Is Very Good
If Flash Used TlC -Or Ed3 Flash Speed Is bad!
Patriot Memory Always Use Dual Channel+Mlc 4 or Mlc 8k and Use Last Frimware
And have a Best Speed
Philips Always ed3 or tlc And Have a bad speed
Transscend Always Samsung Mlc 4k (2pcs have 2 core in Flash ) and have a normal Speed
How Ever THis IS i Made him !!!

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