Test Toggle Nand memory


In old Articles We know For Make Ultra speed Flash We Need Multi Channel Suport Controller and More Then 1 Flash


Patriot Rage Xt 16=Phison 2251-38 +Micron L74 *2
JetFlash V600=Au6989n +Micron L74 *2
JetFlash V620=Au6990+Hynix 2Ce 32Nm Mlc8K *2
Adata C903 Ite 1167b+Intel L74 *2

So In All Flash Read ~30 And write ~18

But! But!

After 2013 Alcor In New Models Dont Support Multi Channel

I see The New Alcor Pcb in 6999sn Channel H Is Un Used

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Also Ite 1165_1167_1167b Have A Multi Channel But Ite 1170 Havent Multi Channel

Realy I dont know Why ?I think New Nand 19nm May Be Have A Problem In Multi Channel
Toggle Memory
In Toggle Flash We Dont Need Dual Channel TO meke Read Speed To 30

New Jet Flash Used K9ACGD8U0M Tlc Toggle Flash

in 8Gig Read =30 Write =5

In 2Ce Or K9BDGD8U1M Read =30 write =~12

Not Bad So Better Of ED3

I Test Mlc And Tlc Toggle On Sm3257 Ena


Now 2267 Used TF16G2JAHA 98 de 98 92 72 d7

And SMi Used Sumsong K9ACGD8U0M

And Usb 3 =2203 Used 1 Flash 2ce Toggle

After All Write Speed Is So Important Than Read Speed

Bec In digital record if write speed is low in recordedd File make noise and Crupted

And Time

Tlc Memory is Pressed And 50% may be Losed Frimware and Lost Data

in 90% Dammeged Flash =We Know the nand is tlc

2261-ed3 I think in 100 Make 80 Flash Losed Frimware

Phison Make 12 Frimware For Ed3

3.a.53 =3.10.53


But Memory Is Not Good We Cant Assurance Data on Tlc Flash

In Ssd 100% Used Mlc Flash

Now Micron And Intel Make l72,l74,l83,L84

But We Just See Sandik And Toshiba Tlc

If Lucky =Sumsong Toggle

So Flash technology is not good to go to our
I Forget to Say Somting
Plase Read Accurate

My Friend have Jet Flash V 88 Alcor 6990+Micron L74

He Say Me I Have A best Nand (Orginal Brand Micron L74 (not SpecTek mark))

But Lose Frimware Why? Its MLC and Good Mlc?


Jet Flash Used Frimware 8413 For Single Channel L74

Read 27
Write 12

So In True Micron L74 Real MAX one Channel Speed is w=8 Read =22

Jet Flash Is OverClocking For Good Speed But In Real If We Have L84 also In 1 Chennel 1Ce =Max Write is =12

In JetFlash V600 And V620 Also We See Mor Than 20% Lose Frimware

So In Some Frimware Used Over Using Of Nand Memory Ability

Also 100% I Say 100% Phison 2251-03 and Toshiba Tlc ed3 Is Write Prodect Error


Ed3 Rel Write Speed Is 4.2 Mb

May Be Some Frimware Used 4M Buffer But You Buy This And Undrstanding Me After 2 Week

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