Use Micro Sd NAND

Frist Look The Micro sd On Flash Memory Pcb

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micro Sd Look Like Flash

Have 1 controller (Example smi sm22XX) And have Nand(example tc58nvg6t2jta20 98 de 98 92)

after dammaged Nand Some Company Buy it and Use the nand

Why? And What The Way used Nand from micro sd

look that

upload in big file size to see the IO pin


One Nand have Input output pin 0-7 Io 0 -Io 1 and…

Gnd (Ground)

1.8 v+
3.30 v+

Look the picture 2 And You know IO pin Voltage 1.8 3.30 and gnd C/e R/b(this mean number of (CE))

So nand name is 454A9A82 — SanDisk SDTNNNCHEM-016G 32nm EX3 have 60Bit Ecc

so must use new controller to support this

2251-61 ,2251-67 ,2251-60,2251-68

ite 1170


and alcor 6989ab -sn

and do mp and use the capacity from micro sd

Good luck
My dear friend davodamirajam The first people in Iran The flash memory repair Specifically.And I am proud of them.
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BTW. I found 2 uSD: 4GB and 32GB. They have pin layout 4 by 6 pads (A to F, 1 to 4). Could you describe this type of pinout?
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Some micro have a diifrent layout
Try find datashet

If you see have a serial number
Write here to find datashet
Ifyou extract micro flash this voard so easy
Use multi metr
And check the tsop 48 pin and micro
Use multimetr on diod test
Frist find data pin
Example 29 tsop pin is io 0
Test 29 and micro pin if you hear beep so ypu find io 0

Good luck
picture have a good qouality to see if not
say to me to help you
Tengo una micro sd que se me an roto los conectores, que usb me siviria para ponerla en su interior?
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EXE file? looks like a spam
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