Review 2251-08 (Patriot Rage 2 256GB)

Hi Again

Phison in 2015 make 2251-08 Dual Channel flash memory Usb3 Controller and say more than 300MB Write Speed

ok lets to test?

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98 3C===>> 3c is =32 gb this mean is 4CE *2Channel

@ 98 3C A5 93 7E D0 // Toshiba TH58TFT0DFKBA8J A19nm MLC//Toggle

before 2014 toshiba max capacity in 1 nand is «TH58tvg9d2»=64gb but in 2015 toshiba change nand name method

old method

TC =1ce

TH =2 or 4 Ce

NVG =normal Flash
TVG=Toggle DDR flash

H & S =SLC

To MAke Easy Undrstand look that

Tc58nvg5d2fta00=(TC)=1CE (NVG)=Normal 5=(4GB) d2=(MLC) F=32NM ta00=TSop

TH58TVG7D2Gta20 TH=Multi ce TVG=ddr 7=16gb d2=mlc=GTa 24nm

TC58nvg6t2jta00 =tc=1ce nvg =normal flash 6=8gb t=tlc J=19nm

After D or t = E =43nm F=32nm G=24nm j=19nm

ok now toshiba make 128GB SO You See «T»=1 Trillion bit

may be now used micron way to show the nand capacity

After All patriot 256 have a good price 149$

Also We Thak about Toshiba large capacity

in old time in real 256gb we have 8 nand but now just used 2 nand

look 2010 ral 256 gb pcb
king stone Fail In 2010 lage capacity why?

1-pcb is so large and controller placed in usb connector and dammaged so easy

2-in connect we have problem withe Front pannel Becuase Used power amperaj

3-after use 8 nand max write speed `~15 mb is so bad

but to day real 60mb not so bad and flash size is small in patriot rage 2

good luck

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