hi again

to day we have 4GB HP flash
this flash is not working

First step we must check Fuse

1-use multimeter
connect black wire on flash disk 5volt and red wire on GND show 630~650
if show betwen 500 and 650 5volt fuse is ok

if see the range your flash 5volt fuse is safe

if not try to found 5volt way

2-test DP DM

also use multimeter to see range betwen dp dm you must see in 1 second 1200~1500

ok we know test dp and dm

to day hp 4gb 5volt show «0» we found 5 volt way and use wire to connect 5 volt

in this picture i show the dp dm and 5 volt line

solder 5volt to line and flash is worked again

this flash have important data and we fix it
with out any flashextractor or pc 3000

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1-in 90% 5volt fuse Destroyed by car mp3 player or other shock

find 5 volt is easy behind the connector u see burn place
find and solder wire and reconect it

also dp and dp is pached

2-if dp dm and 5 volt is ok,but flash still not connect

read old my articles to see ROM CODE MODE


my toshiba with sss controller flash id is 0000 ?????
nand is brocked sorry

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