Help Need for SSD A-Data 30GB 300 Series S396

I have a SSD A-Data 30GB 300 Series S396 that not recognized at all. Not seems to be active in bios. Cannot be recognized even with USB to SATA adapter. There is important data on it and my question is — is it possible to recover the information from the NANDs?
Any help will be appreciate!
I still did not open this SSD physically and I cannot be sure about the type of the controller and NAND brand. But I found some information for it:

Controller: Sandforce 2141TB1 SDC
Intel 60073173-5300072321 NAND

Please help if possible! Thank you, people!

Please help with A-Data S102 Pro 64GB - SMI 3261

I have the drive

Controller: Silicon Motion SM3261 AAS
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Intel 29F32B08MCMF2 *2
Intel 29F32B08MCMF3 *2
Memory Type: MLC
Flash ID: 8984643C
Flash CE: 2+2
Flash Channels: Dual
Chip F/W: ISP 121022-1AB
VID: 090C
PID: 3261
Manufacturer: A-Data
Product: 64GB
Query Vendor ID: A-Data
Query Product ID: USB DISK
Query Product Revision: 1100
Physical Disk Capacity: 66873982976 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 0 Bytes
Internal Tags: 8S2F-AAGJ

The USB drive is no longer recognized by the PC — it show only USB mass storage device or SMI Factory Driver in the Device manager — depend from the driver. The SMI MPtool not recognize the drive at all even with the factory driver.
I used smi_mptool_v2.5.03_v3_l1130v2_3261aa_3261ab
Please help me…