Please help with A-Data S102 Pro 64GB - SMI 3261

I have the drive

Controller: Silicon Motion SM3261 AAS
Possible Memory Chip(s):
Intel 29F32B08MCMF2 *2
Intel 29F32B08MCMF3 *2
Memory Type: MLC
Flash ID: 8984643C
Flash CE: 2+2
Flash Channels: Dual
Chip F/W: ISP 121022-1AB
VID: 090C
PID: 3261
Manufacturer: A-Data
Product: 64GB
Query Vendor ID: A-Data
Query Product ID: USB DISK
Query Product Revision: 1100
Physical Disk Capacity: 66873982976 Bytes
Windows Disk Capacity: 0 Bytes
Internal Tags: 8S2F-AAGJ

The USB drive is no longer recognized by the PC — it show only USB mass storage device or SMI Factory Driver in the Device manager — depend from the driver. The SMI MPtool not recognize the drive at all even with the factory driver.
I used smi_mptool_v2.5.03_v3_l1130v2_3261aa_3261ab
Please help me…