try on uptool 2092h
i cant trust 2093
in last uptool support 1e0

but new 2268 is 1e2 or 1e6
so i think you undrstand why uptool give you «cant isp found»

so fix that and say result
look this

OS Version: Win XP

MP Version: 2.093 (2015.01.14)

PC Name: []

DUT Slot: 1

Driver: G

IC Type: 1E-2

ISP Type: 1

F-Slot: 1
copy and paste in code.ini

new 2268 hardware model is 1e2 or 1e6
first in report see ic model 1e2?

uptool support old 2268 but if you add line can be fixed
[0x1E-2-0] // UP25AA — MLC
FWCode0=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) non-T19 D2 Block
FWCode1=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) T19 eD2
FWCode2=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (30) T24/32 non-T19 D2 PageMode
FWCode3=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (3B) B74A
FWCode4=226X-D2FW-141031-SVN947.bin ;// (3B) B74A Page/Skip
FWCode5=226X-D2FW-141031-FASTRN-SVN946.bin ;// Full Block mode
FWCode6=226X-D2FW-141024-PBA-SVN909.BIN ;// PBA
FWCode7=226X-D2FW-141016-SVN884-CB.bin ;// CopyBack
FWCode8=226X-D2FW-140916-MULTIWRITE-SVN791.bin ;// MultiWrite mode
FWCode9=226X-D2FW-140916-FASTRNMULTIWRITE-SVN791.bin ;// MultiWrite mode+FastRN
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i use UPTool_Ver2093(Release)_20150312 but after 1:55:09 time ERROR code plz help
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cant find firmware for ps2251-68 teamGroup 16GB

Logical drive: F:\ Capacity: 0.0G
Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 3E00
Device SN:
Device version: 1.00

Device vendor:
Device model: 2268 PRAM
Protocol: USB2.0
Max power: 50mA

Partition type: Device active:
Aligned state: Misaligned

Controller: Phison
Controller model: PS2251-68
Flash Vendor: Toshiba, Type: MLC
Flash ID: 983A9493
Score: 60 (Normal Score >= 30)
Firmware: 01.02.10 FW Date: 2015.03.25

OS Version: Windows 8 Professional
Update Status: The current version is the latest version!
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my toshiba with sss controller flash id is 0000 ?????
Description: [H:]USB Mass Storage Device(hp v210w)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 03F0 PID = 5607
Serial Number: 07A9020096760A51

Device Vendor: HP
Device Name: v210w
Device Revision: 0100

Manufacturer: hp
Product Model: v210w
Product Revision: PMAP

Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-50(PS2250) — F/W 02.06.10 [2009-12-01]
Flash ID code: 98D79432 — Toshiba TC58NVG5D2FTA00 [MLC-8K]

Tools on web:

Possible Flash Part-Number
— [1CE]TC58NVG5D2FTA00(32nm)

Flash ID mapping table
— [Channel 0] [Channel 1]

1-in 90% 5volt fuse Destroyed by car mp3 player or other shock

find 5 volt is easy behind the connector u see burn place
find and solder wire and reconect it

also dp and dp is pached

2-if dp dm and 5 volt is ok,but flash still not connect

read old my articles to see ROM CODE MODE


Мне нужна Win7_x32 и x64 на флешке, как сделать их через Бутлер?
No need lab!!!
Just change controller and flash starts

Easy way?

Use multimeter check 5volt fuse?
If not safe?
Chabge fuse
If controller very hot?
Change controller

Data still in nand memory
In 80% just change controllet
in almost 70% PcB is Brocked and nand pin is unplugeed
so if controller cant recive any data input out put
lose a firmware

a good way first do hotair and test controler pinout
good luck
your well com
Thank you very much, everything turned out!!!
copy this text to mp.ini in mpall folder

IC Type=PS2251-03
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB PID=0x5200
String Product Name=USB DISK 3.0
String Manufacturer Name=usb
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1
Burner File=BN03V114M.BIN
Firmware Name=FW03FF01V10810M.BIN
i mark red pin

connect by one Piece wire
connect to pc
ofter five second remove wire

and do firmware again
Description: [I:]USB Mass Storage Device(2307 PRAM)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 100mA

USB Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 5500

Device Vendor: Phison
Device Name: 2307 Boot ROM
Device Revision: 0110

Product Model: 2307 PRAM
Product Revision: 1.00

Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-07(PS2307) — F/W 01.03.10 [2014-08-21]
Flash ID code: 98DE9493 — Toshiba TC58NVG6DDJTA00 [MLC-16K]

Tools on web:

Possible Flash Part-Number
— [1CE]TC58NVG6DDJTA00(19nm)

Flash ID mapping table
— [Channel 0] [Channel 1]