What about this one, guys? [[ The " DING " sound, then nothing happens ]]

Hello everyone,,

I came again with another USB flash drive that need to be fixed, when I plug it in PC, I hear the sound that takes places after plugging any USB device, But it doesn't appear in My Computer. This is a pic from the Device Manager:

And I can see that in ChipGenius_v4_00_0022_RC3:

I tried many SMI applications, It can't be seen be all of them as shown in this pic:

If it requires a hardware solution, Please explain it step by step, because I am not good at hardware.
I am waiting for your suggestions and ready to present more information or pic about the flash if you need that.

THANKS in advance.

Определяем VID&PID USB флэш накопителя

Зачем это нужно?
VID и PID — это уникальные идентификаторы USB устройств. VID — идентификатор производителя, PID — идентификатор устройства.
По значением VID и PID можно предположительно определить тип контроллера установленного во флэш и производителя устройства.

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