firmware is 1.03.30

This Mean Silicon Power Used UPTool_Ver2089(Release)

For Normal Flash Used Mpall Example 1.08.10,1.08.53,1.08.56,1.08.24

For Downgraded Flash Programmed In Uptool 1.08.30,

Speed Is Read 40 Write 18Mb In Usb 3


downgraded in Smi

Also SMi HAve A normal Program= SmXXtest.exe (you see in tester debug)«V 2.5.31» or «2.5.18» or «2.5.36»

and Dyna Downgraded Tool you see in tester debug date «131023» or othere date


in Alcor Downgraded Flash Firmware Version is «FF00» Force Firmware (capacity Mode )

in Phison XX.XX.10 is normal MLC XX.XX.30 is downgrade MLC

note 2:

Apacer CoB Normal Flash

2251-68 + toshiba A19 MLC normal nand firmware =1.02.10 Read Speed :23 Write Speed is 13 (Speed Optimize )

Philips 8GB

2251-68 +Toshiba Downgraded A19 6d2DDk A19 19NM Firmware 1.02.30 Read is :17 Write is «7» (Capacity Optimize )

Downgraded Nand Cant Firmware By Speed Optimize because havent well quality

in Final (Team group ,Silicon power ,Verico And almost Big Brand Use Downgraded Flash

Havent Any quality and Danger To be Copy family picture or movie or any important File

this is A Big treason to The People

people care about him data but Company Care About A Money

Good Luck
Firmware version =1.04.10 is Normal What the mean?

Nand Flash Is Safe And Maked In Phison Company (Tf57g) 19Nm DDR Toggle 2Ce Flash

90MB Read 30Mb Wrie

Firmwared In Standard Phison Mpall Program (FC1 And Fc2 (Quality Control Have A OK!)
Why Sandisk Brand NAme (Icon ) is Scratch?

Lests To Undrstand Step By Step

Example :Tishiba or sandsik make Nand Flash (TC58nvg6d2ja20)

Before Sale to Market Must Be Tested By (FC or ROHS Standad)
some Nand Have Problem «BadBlock Over Normal Or LitoGraphic Problem»

so Tohiba and sandisk Never Destroyed the bad nand They Scratch Brand Name And sale to Black Marketing as low price

Example 2:

Orginal tc58nvg6D2jta00 orginal toshiba brand is 12~yuan

downgraded tc58nvg6D2jta00 is 3~4 Yuan

80 % Flash Memory Price Is nand

After 2012 Silicon Power 100% Used DownGraded Nand in usb 2
But To Day Silicon Power Marvel M50 Usb 3 Also Is Now DownGraded

Lest Show To You
or close nand pin 29+30 for 2 second before inserted to computer after show 22XX Prom

re firware again
no you cant man

Hp Formater
Panasonic Sd formater
Disk Management

And All Format Tools Using Firmware In Your Flash

So If H.d.d Low Level Fix It ???After 2 Day Write Protect Again

So Just Use «UPTool_Ver2091(Release)_20141010»

Frist Clean All

To Erase All data And Mbr

Go setting

Low Level Format

Scan type :Full scan only

Ecc :0

Usb power =200 mA
frist you must say plase

in second use getinfo for flash id Example «98 de 98 92»

use mpall 3.60
flash id?
So nand name is 454A9A82 — SanDisk SDTNNNCHEM-016G 32nm EX3 have 60Bit Ecc

so must use new controller to support this

2251-61 ,2251-67 ,2251-60,2251-68

ite 1170


and alcor 6989ab -sn

and do mp and use the capacity from micro sd

Good luck
Look the picture 2 And You know IO pin Voltage 1.8 3.30 and gnd C/e R/b(this mean number of (CE))

upload in big file size to see the IO pin


One Nand have Input output pin 0-7 Io 0 -Io 1 and…

Gnd (Ground)

1.8 v+
3.30 v+

micro Sd Look Like Flash

Have 1 controller (Example smi sm22XX) And have Nand(example tc58nvg6t2jta20 98 de 98 92)

after dammaged Nand Some Company Buy it and Use the nand

Why? And What The Way used Nand from micro sd

look that

دقیقا فایل ویدئو رو نگاه کنی و قدم به قدم با دقت دنبال کنی درست میکنی

وقتی uptool بازه
از چیپ جنیون استفاده نکن

بعد از وصل به پی سی و شنیدن صدای دیلینگ
سیم ها رو قطع کن مثل فایل تو ویدئو

قدم به قدم
به هر طریق ای سی رو پاک کن
بعد کل سیمها رو بکن
به حالت اولیه برگردون
و از امپال استفاده کن برادر

موقع پاک کردن سیمها رو قطع کن قبلش یک رفرش هم بزن
just clean flash just clean after clean this

use Mpall 3.63c and use fw67 6.08.53
After All we used uptool to clean the flash after clean this

remove usb connector and all wire and

use Mpall 3.63

use Frimware 6.08.53

and finish

good luck
i think is TC58NVG6T2JTA00 19nm

bec if 24nm used 2261

so we have 2267 so use FORCE ID After Clean Flash And Cut the wire