دقیقا فایل ویدئو رو نگاه کنی و قدم به قدم با دقت دنبال کنی درست میکنی

وقتی uptool بازه
از چیپ جنیون استفاده نکن

بعد از وصل به پی سی و شنیدن صدای دیلینگ
سیم ها رو قطع کن مثل فایل تو ویدئو

قدم به قدم
به هر طریق ای سی رو پاک کن
بعد کل سیمها رو بکن
به حالت اولیه برگردون
و از امپال استفاده کن برادر

موقع پاک کردن سیمها رو قطع کن قبلش یک رفرش هم بزن
just clean flash just clean after clean this

use Mpall 3.63c and use fw67 6.08.53
After All we used uptool to clean the flash after clean this

remove usb connector and all wire and

use Mpall 3.63

use Frimware 6.08.53

and finish

good luck
i think is TC58NVG6T2JTA00 19nm

bec if 24nm used 2261

so we have 2267 so use FORCE ID After Clean Flash And Cut the wire
@ 98 DE 98 92 72 56 28 00 02 // Toshiba TC58NVG6T2HTA00 K0112 24nm TLC
@ 98 DE 98 92 72 D6 28 00 02 01 82 021 4F 4F 4F // Toshiba TC58TVG6T2HBA4C K0112 24nm TLC // Toggle
@ 98 DE 98 92 72 57 28 00 02 01 82 06 00 3F 10 21 4F 4F 4F // Toshiba TC58NVG6T2JTA00 K1111 19nm TLC
use up 2.91
After uptool Detect Flash Cut The wire and click refresh!

Clean Flash

If You Wach Step by Step Veido You can do it
if you see the ChipGenius report you see ISP name and data ?so
what Test?
90% is 2251-68 or 67


go setting

downgraded flash


full scan only

example picture

controller name is sk6211
after you give me controller name or picture i can help you
open the flash cover and read controller name


sm3257 enb aa
if one bodey cant read controller name and cant find mp tool?

we do every thing in here but poeple cant use flashextractor?

and alwayes we need ic name ?but also people say Example «Marvel M50»

but marvel in same use «sm 3267abs » or «2251-07»

after many years i seek and tired to say just before ask a anything

say ChipGenius information we dont need flash model

we need controller name and nand name


ite 1167b +29f32g08cbaba

in Frist Know Your controller and second find mp tool

thank god
What ??
innstor is916en is your controller


AI Recovery V2.0.8.20 SP
Flash support list is