6 pin ic (convert 5 to 3.3 and 1.8 volt)

ic name is «292»
dc to dc convertor

used is is902 and is902e
Change usb connetor ,your flash usb connector is damaged
And you can use29 +30 pin
Nand is lga but you connect tsop 48 pin
Is noot diffrend
If alcor mp not detect your flash use wire and short +5 to data 7 pin
After connect to pc and show chip model
First erase
After erase remove the wire
Alcor mp 13.02.05
Use multimetr on diod test
Frist find data pin
Example 29 tsop pin is io 0
Test 29 and micro pin if you hear beep so ypu find io 0

Good luck
Ifyou extract micro flash this voard so easy
Use multi metr
And check the tsop 48 pin and micro
Some micro have a diifrent layout
Try find datashet

If you see have a serial number
Write here to find datashet
And again use recover tool or innstor 916d mp tool to re program flash
If not helped
Use hot air (gordak 952)hot gun
And resoldring controler and nand
After that before connect to pc connect and hold nand pin(29+30)
Go silicon-power.com
Usb recovery

Download Ai recovery v. sp
I need Chip geniune report to help you
Chip gnius report?
Need controller ic name

For example :iso916d
you must have internet
Used old alcor mp 2008 or older version
Ecc 0 capacity optimize
Low level