wite wire +5 volt
orange wire GND
blue pin is (eml3020 (pin 4 (out put 3.3)
in final

ic name is no matter ,you can use any ic (5v to 3.3)

first read the datashet
and may be ic pin is different
so READ THE DATA SHET and do that
good luck

find very old flash (some smi ) have 5 to 3.3 volt
ok so many people say cant find on smd market

how i find?
alex used flash extractor and tell me controler name and nand name \
example phison 2207 th58teg8t2jta20
Fortunately firmware 5.2.53 work with A19nm TLC ,15NM tlc toshiba and sandisk
good luck
Device Revision: 1100 is smi
dear roman

your flash is smi

connect 29+30 nand flash pin
Re Soldring nand pin

your flash nand pin is unplug solder again
flash must have a nand id
Flash ID code: EC1AA8DE — Samsung K9BFGD8U1M — 2CE/Single Channel [TLC-8K] -> Total Capacity = 32GB
also to day silicon power give RepairBox.exe you can download from site
connect gnd +led right side
to bootmode
after that try new mpall and
new bin file
in restore try restore or just format?
use restore 3.16 or 17
ok use uptool 2.89 and use clean flash
clean old firmware
and use mpall 5 and new firmware
but is risky
restore 3.9 is old!

use restore 3.15
if cant find
i uploded for you
and do not use mp or uptool

becuasr mpall 5
need 5.1.55
phison restore 3.15
use sss6690 v2.159
6690+toshiba 43nm d2

before mp
use sss safe erase
if cant
in feature setting