connect gnd +led right side
to bootmode
after that try new mpall and
new bin file
in restore try restore or just format?
use restore 3.16 or 17
ok use uptool 2.89 and use clean flash
clean old firmware
and use mpall 5 and new firmware
but is risky
restore 3.9 is old!

use restore 3.15
if cant find
i uploded for you
and do not use mp or uptool

becuasr mpall 5
need 5.1.55
phison restore 3.15
use sss6690 v2.159
6690+toshiba 43nm d2

before mp
use sss safe erase
if cant
in feature setting
in cob flash

Chip on board

you must connect gnd to boot rom code mode

ok you can see the pin out

you must connect for 4 second to gnd to change vid to

VID = BA57 PID = 1001

if do not the rom code mode mptool cant detect flash
but in this nand i can firmware it by

98 DE 98 92 72 D7 ---1.1.53 ok! 19nm tlc toggle
98 3A A8 92 76 D7 1.1.53 ok 19nm tlc die size 16gb

and >=19 nm MLC like 98 DE 94 93 76 D7 1.2.10 ok

but in large capacity phison alwayes use the 98 3a a8 92 76 50

in last

shame of toshiba

in years toshiba use a19 tlc in SSD !!!!??

ok lets to test

this is mp.ini

IC Type=PS2251-07
[Parameter Mark]
Parameter Type=F1_MP_21
[Customize Info]
USB PID=0x5500
String Product Name=USB DISK 3.0
Inquiry Version=PMAP
Reset Serial Number=0
Preformat Target Capacity=14500
Do Preformat Test=1
Volume Label=USB DISK
Burner Erase All=1
Wafer Erase All=1
Burner File=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\New Folder\BN07V502TAW.BIN
Firmware Name=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\New Folder\FW07V50253TW.BIN

have a you know phison for ed3 14.4G? ok

in preformat i do same

finaly 3 day ago i download the last mpall 5

have FW07V50253TW.BIN

i open log file

this file for ED3 tlc

look that

this log file some asshole think can pass this firmware for ed3

— MP\F1\AFD6\
MP_7f00_05.03.0a,17-5-2016 15:33:42s, Drive: G,R/W= 0%,Test Time:-130851, Time taken: 225.5 seconds, Capacity: 65536, Serial Number: 7F00651FA1AFD600,7F00651F84AFD601, Flash Number: 1,UIDeviceIndex=3,
Firmware Version: 5.02.53, Status: PASS, ISP Mode: 0x18, [CS]:0x791F2CA1

in tera copy up to 22 mb
i test in win xp 32bit

ok in final
we undrstand crystal controler pcb «2232-2233-2238» is same and we can use 1channel «2237-2239»

free crystal same model is «2260-2250-2261-2267-2268»

— in alcor all version pcb is mach
example you can change au6986 by au6998sn
you dont need «n»version install crystal
— in ite also 1165-1167-1167b-1169-1176 is same
— in smi like 2 model

crystal need (3255-3254-325ac-- is same)

free crystall model (3257-3257en-enba -enlt is same

good luck…
ok time to test
ok do mpall and frimware

mpal 3.63+fw 2.06.10 (some people write firmware as FW38FF01V30610M.BIN but real is FW38FF01V20610M.BIN
2251-38 64 pin is so difficult to soldring
controller pin is so small
i remove the Between connection with wire

ok this pcb is good
in last picture from flash extractor used 2233 and t58nvg8d2ela20 *2 (used pcb for 64GB )

so lets start…

extract old tdk for used flash board
i read the pcb number and search in internet
for undrstand is pcb support dual channel or interleaved?
finaly found in flash extractor
I found this pcb (old tdk 4gb 2251-32 and 2 hynix mlc 4k )