you extracted your hub information
open the flash cover
and take a good picture from flash board

may be your flash have a hardware problem

you hear the sound after connected flash to usb port?
so all site you said downloaded from flashboot.ru
1r5 you can also use wire 9ser
Chip genius report?
i dont know your mean but if you fit it good for you
picture of board like this
Take a good picture of flash board

And hinyx is your nand chip

We need controller name not nand name

Place picture to see and

If controller temp is so high
And fuse is dead so
First i must see board
If nand is orginal toshiba tc58nvg6…
Setting ecc 12
Fullscan 3
Speed optimize

If nand not orginal
Do capacity optimize
Ecc 12 full scan 1
Alcormp v13.02.05
Be sure your mpall idblk-timing version is 1,2.74
Or use mpall 3.72b bn03v114
Before insert to pc connect gnd+led left side to go boot mode
If read old comments you will learn
Restore v3.13.0.0
Cob flash. Chip on board
This flash is very elegance
In opening do not force to remove chip
You broked flash
Just controller is a live

You just clean flash and mp again don't need to open flash
Next time be carefully
Flash I'd is 00. This meain band flash is hardwary dead
My friend have a same version ut165+29f64g08camdb (l63b)
Speed is read 30 and write 12
I remove ut165 and change it by ite1167b
And mp again and use 480ma and in mp chashe one
Beive or not write speed now 23mb!!!

ITE pin to pin used Same dataset
Why you remove the nand? You broked the band
Id--00--00 this mean in opening flash cover you bricked the name
Used wire or not?
Report again with flash extractor with no use wire
Before insert to PC connect and to led left side
Your flash is hanged
Connect 29+30 band pin before insert

You cab read old my comment in flash boot.ru
Use ut165 tools before open the mp in bid,life update the device via and pic and click update
perefer size
in setting

downgraded flash

smart scan lov level

ecc 12