Repair new Silicon power (SM3257 ENBA)


In New Year Silicon power Moved to 3257ENBA

silicon power use dyna mptool to Framewared

but after Crashed

We cant repair it

we must open the flash cover and install some (SB can use wire )

in picture write on table what can we do?

For Example

if flash id is (98 de 94 82) toshiba 24nm Mlc 8k

Sb8=Close (use wire to connect pins)

and after install wire

use www.upantool.com/liangchan/SMI/2014/4735.html to Fix The device

Test Toggle Nand memory


In old Articles We know For Make Ultra speed Flash We Need Multi Channel Suport Controller and More Then 1 Flash


Patriot Rage Xt 16=Phison 2251-38 +Micron L74 *2
JetFlash V600=Au6989n +Micron L74 *2
JetFlash V620=Au6990+Hynix 2Ce 32Nm Mlc8K *2
Adata C903 Ite 1167b+Intel L74 *2

So In All Flash Read ~30 And write ~18

But! But!

After 2013 Alcor In New Models Dont Support Multi Channel

I see The New Alcor Pcb in 6999sn Channel H Is Un Used